Automate Your Site Security System with FlytNow

Deploy drones for surveillance, aerial monitoring and security patrols. Automate and schedule routine missions and remotely control the drones to monitor your property 24x7.

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Automate Site Security

Why use FlytNow for Site Security?

Monitoring any facility is challenging and necessitates constant attention from the drone pilots. FlytNow enables the use of a fleet of drones to monitor, capture, and transmit real-time data and respond to breaches in real time.


A bird’s eye view of your site.

Intruder Detection

Keep an eye out for trespassers on industrial or residential property. Receive an alert if there are any intrusions on the property.

Intruder Detection Dahboard

Perimeter Guarding

Automate site monitoring throughout the day to receive real-time updates on any issues that may arise.

Perimeter guarding

Crowd Surveillance

Surveil large crowds at events to prevent chaos or to identify lawbreakers. Conduct advanced analytics such as headcount, crowd density among others.

Crowd Surveillance

Border Patrol

Gain situational awareness of unpredictable zones such as country borders by deploying the docking station to remote locations.

Border Patrol

Discover your new superpowers

Intelligent and collaborative features on a single dashboard

Advanced Video Management

View live video feeds from multiple drones on a single dashboard and securely share them with team members and stakeholders.

Multi Camera feed

Mission Scheduler

Schedule and plan missions in advance, repeat missions as needed. Set waypoints or corridor actions for the flight path and make modifications in real-time.

Schedule Mission with FlytNow Dashboard

Drone & Docking Station Control

View real-time drone and docking station telemetry and control the dock's HVAC remotely based on geography.

Drone & Docking station Control

Intrusion Detection

Detect intruders and instantaneously receive an alert on the FlytNow dashboard in the event of a breach.

Intrusion Detection

Trusted by drone industry leaders worldwide

ADESCO has collaborated with FlytNow, a pioneering software for interconnected drone solutions. With FlytNow we will solve difficult problems related to the response of drones in faster time, available video archive in the cloud in high resolution, monitoring of intruders, automatic missions among others.

George Xomeritakis,
Chief Executive Officer, ADESCO

George Xomeritakis

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FlytNow Auto

Conduct operations with docking station

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FlytNow Live

Conduct operations with remote pilots

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White Paper

Drone Automation in Security & Surveillance

As automation technology is adopted for industrial and commercial security, drone fleets will play a central role, given that they can be deployed autonomously, at scale. The most critical enabler for the non-linear growth of the automated drone security system market is turning out to be software-as-a-service that is hardware-agnostic, intelligent and seamless to integrate. Software-driven autonomy and automation must, by design, be at the centre of production deployments to truly capture the ‘faster, better, cheaper’ promise of UAV fleets for surveillance use-cases.

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Drone for Security white Paper

Keep your facilities guarded with autonomous drone docks.

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