Public Safety

Rapidly Respond to Public Emergencies with Autonomous Drones

Equip first responders with autonomous drones for real-time situational awareness, law enforcement, SAR missions; remotely control & manage them with ease from your remote or mobile command centers.

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Why use FlytNow for Public Safety?

It is crucial for city officials worldwide to respond quickly to emergencies and life-threatening situations, such as fires and incidents. Sending first responders to an incident scene without all the necessary information, however, can be dangerous, if not fatal.


Your eye in the sky.

Search and Rescue operations

Keep an eye out for trespassers on industrial or residential property. Receive an alert if there are any intrusions on the property.

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search and rescue with thermal vision camera

Law Enforcement

Monitor areas with criminal activity, as well as areas beyond human reach, to track suspects more quickly and provide greater security.

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law enforcement for public safety

Fire Response

Gather critical data and provide aerial maps to firefighters, identify potential hotspots, and predict fire path to prevent fire from spreading further.

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Fire fighting drone footage

Disaster Management

Map the areas prone to natural disasters and alert the disaster response team. assisting response time with data analyzed, minimizing damage and saving lives.

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Disaster Management

How FlytNow redefines public safety drone ops

An interoperable drone autonomy software


Complete Drone in a Box Automation Software

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Mission Management

Plan a simple waypoint, grid, or corridor mission to acquire drone data, or send the drone to a specific location for emergency response.

Mission Management Data


Trigger failsafe mechanisms automatically to aid in safe, controlled emergency landings in situations such as when the drone battery is critically low, RC link loss, or LTE link loss.

Failsafes Checklist

Advanced Video Management

View live video feeds from multiple drones and docking stations on a single dashboard. Share with team members & stakeholders in real-time.

Multi Camera feed

Parachute Integration

In the unlikely event that the system fails, FlytNow integrates with an autonomous parachute system, allowing it to open automatically and the drone to land safely.

Parachute Integration Status

Trusted by drone industry leaders worldwide

We were able to assure civilian safety by preventing/looking for local fires in Korea's challenging terrain using FlytNow's mission planner and Live HD video streaming. When needed, the team also provides rapid support. The software is intuitive and works seamlessly with DJI drones and docking stations.

Sol Lee,
Drone Research Specialist, Smatii

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FlytNow Auto

Conduct operations with docking station

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FlytNow Live

Conduct operations with remote pilots

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Definitive Guide

Deploy Drones Fleets for Public Safety

FlytNow is witnessing a widespread adoption of drones across different use cases, and drones for public safety is one such application that has yielded significant social and public health benefits. One such example is how drones saved the lives of 279 people, as shared by DJI at AirWorks2019. The total global number is, of course, orders of magnitude more, given the increasingly common use of drones for disaster monitoring, emergency response, search-and-rescue, etc. Software-driven autonomy and automation must, by design, be at the centre of production deployments to truly capture the ‘faster, better, cheaper’ promise of UAV fleets for public safety use-cases.

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