Remotely Manage Drones for Public Safety & Emergency Response

Equip first responders with autonomous drones for real-time situational awareness, law enforcement, SAR missions; remotely control & manage them with ease from a command control room.

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Why use FlytNow and Drones for Public Safety?

Enhance Operational Efficiency By Real-time Situational Awareness

remote ream collaboration

Remote Team Collaboration

Create advanced drone missions to perform activities like patrolling, go-to location, etc.

Drone Precision Landing for Public Safety Operations

DiaB Hardware

Our robust APIs support a wide variety of Drone-in-a-Box hardware to enable complete drone automation.

video surveillance

Video Surveillance

Stream video from drones and CCTV cameras and view it over the internet via the FlytNow dashboard.

Easily Manage sUAS Operations with FlytNow

FlytBase has reimagined how drones for public safety can enhance emergency response operations with ease. Cognizance of the situation and time to respond can improve the efficiency of the aid administered.

FlytNow enables public safety officials and first responders with remote access to UAVs by leveraging its Internet of Drones software platform to fill the gap between on-site and backend ops. Officials can use FlytNow from anywhere to perform preliminary expeditions using drones for the situational awareness without risking human lives.

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drones for public safety

FlytNow Hub

FlytNow Hub at its core, is a complete drone and flight management system. It enables control & awareness to the backend ops team. Remote operators can delegate missions & securely share video/telemetry with the touch of a button.

FlytNow Hub Dashboard

FlytNow Mobile

Fly any drone manually or autonomously using our user-friendly FlytNow Mobile App on any tablet or a smartphone device. Synchronize the data with a web-based dashboard, FlytNow Hub to keep all stakeholders in loop.

FlytNow Mobile Look

Seamless Piloting Experience on-site with our ground control station application

View Real-time drone footage routed back to headquarters or the command center for a new level of situational awareness.

Pre-Flight Compliances

Use waypoints to create detailed flight plans with waypoint actions and use them to automate your security activities.

Remote Operations

For incident calls, immediately dispatch a drone to the location. Improve response times drastically.

Drone On-Demand

Orbit missions allow circles around a subject and keep the subject centered in the frame.

Point of Interest

Remote command center for aerial operations & coherent workflows with your team.

Switch controls between on-site and remote operators. View and track the missions from a remote ops center

Remote operations from RC

Cohesive Dashboard to manage your drones and your team. Work together effectively, no matter where you’re working from.

FLytNow App Dashboard Drone List

Switch between Thermal and RGB Feed. Experience MSX controls and various color palettes to augment the video/image.

Optical Thermal Feature

Precision Landing: Sophisticated computer vision landing algorithms to precisely land on a patrol vehicle or charging pad/docking station.

Collision Avoidance: Intelligent software module that enables the ability to sense objects in real-time and avoid imminent collisions.

Collision Avoidance Feature

For EVLOS & BVLOS Missions, configure low battery and other link losses fail safes for your drone.

Failsafe Dashboard

FlytNow makes remote operations easier than ever before.


Define the area of operation for drones through active geofence.

Map annotation

Capture crucial information about the mission directly on the map.

Mission Planning

Define the flight path of drones from point A to B for autonomous flight.

Reporting and Logs

Out of the box integration with DroneLogbook for easy reporting and logging flight data.

Payload Support

Supports a variety of payloads including DJI M2E payloads and thermal camera integration.

Secure Cloud Access

Connect FlytNow with private cloud services like AWS S3 for the storage of live data.

Build Drone Applications Faster with FlytNow APIs

FlytNow provides access to a set of APIs to quickly assemble your custom drone applications that are agnostic to drone hardware. It also allows you to connect your business applications with drones, securely, to create completely automated workflows. Ready-to-use intelligence modules, like, collision avoidance, precision landing, & integration with drone-in-a-box systems, further helps you shorten your time to market. FlytNow is trusted by thousands of developers and powers a wide-range of automated commercial drone applications.

Drone API

Use Cases

Disaster Response

Teams can quickly visualize affected areas and gain situational awareness through live HD video feed before or after a disaster to ensure preparedness, locate survivors, and conduct data-driven disaster recovery damage assessments.

Disaster Response

Crime Reconstruction

Employ drones remotely to tackle problems encountered at the crime scene. Law enforcement agencies & forensic experts can use video feeds to search, photograph and record evidence and reconstruct the whole crime scene digitally.

Intruder Detection

Tactical Operations

Using drones for tactical operations will prove to be critical to reinstate peace while mitigating risk to human lives. Strike teams can have real-time intel before moving into the front lines or pursuing a suspect/target.

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

Forest officials can use drones equipped with thermal sensors to monitor large parts of a forest for the identification of poachers and keeping an eye on the wildlife.

Military Enforcement

Search & Rescue

Drones can help traffic control stations improve situational awareness by providing smart functions like license plate recognition & automated vehicle count which can be used for improving road safety.

Flood Search and Rescue

Fire Fighting

Unsafe zones like borders can be patrolled using drones allowing police or security forces to get situational awareness & make tactical decisions from afar.

Fire Fighters

Definitive Guide

Deploy Drones Fleets for Public Safety

FlytNow is witnessing a widespread adoption of drones across different use cases, and drones for public safety is one such application that has yielded significant social and public health benefits. One such example is how drones saved the lives of 279 people, as shared by DJI at AirWorks2019. The total global number is, of course, orders of magnitude more, given the increasingly common use of drones for disaster monitoring, emergency response, search-and-rescue, etc. Software-driven autonomy and automation must, by design, be at the centre of production deployments to truly capture the ‘faster, better, cheaper’ promise of UAV fleets for public safety use-cases.

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