Why FlytNow Live

Affordable, Next-Gen Drone Teleoperation Technology

Real-Time Actionable

Livestream high-quality drone video of your site directly on your dashboard. Increase operational efficiency and stay on top of your workflow. Gain useful insights at every stage of your project based on your specific business vertical.

Cloud-Connected Remote Flights

Execute unlimited missions or dispatch drones to a specific location on demand. Supervise every operation wherever you are. Control drone and payload during flights. Reduce travel costs & eliminate human error.

Hybrid Fleet

Add any custom-built or commercial UAV to your fleet based on your application. Monitor live status at all times. Automate safety actions for each drone. Securely store and retrieve collected data over the cloud.

How it Works

Get the Most out of Your Drone Fleet

The FlytNow Mobile app acts as a relay between your drones and FlytNow Hub (the web dashboard) to receive commands and send telemetry and video data over the cloud. End-to-end encryption and token-based authentication enable secure communication with your drone over 4G/5G/LTE.

FlytNow Cloud Architecture


Deep Dive into FlytNow Live

Live Drone Video & Telemetry Feed

Live Drone Video & Telemetry Feed

Track movement and get live status updates of your flights. Livestream HD video for complete situational awareness. Detect anomalies instantly. Expedite decision-making and incident response.

  • Get high-quality footage at ultra-low latency (<100 ms)

    Expand the live drone feed to display cockpit view

    Enhance visibility by integrating thermal camera

    Record and save video feed to your private cloud

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Hybrid Drone Fleet Management

FlytNow supports all major UAV platforms such as DJI, Ardupilot, and PX4, allowing you to comfortably switch control of your drones on demand. Effortlessly add unlimited drones to your fleet.

  • Set advanced geofences to demarcate fly zones

    Configure failsafes and pre-flight checks

    View feed from multiple drones simultaneously

    Automatically sense and avoid obstacles

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Hybrid Drone Fleet Management
Remote Drone Control

Remote Drone Control

Fly your drones remotely or define multiple automated flight plans. Control drone navigation and payload from the dashboard using an on-screen joystick, joypad, or keyboard. Land or hover drones on command.

  • Toggle onboard spotlights for nighttime missions

    Change the gimbal orientation and zoom level

    Broadcast audio messages over the drone speaker

    Trigger RTH or failsafe actions at any time

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Simplified Mission Planning

Execute waypoint-based missions for surveilling or mapping large swathes of land. Create detailed flight plans with specific actions to automate data collection. Reduce dependence on UAV workforce.

  • Define multiple waypoint missions

    Choose between simple or grid-based missions

    Configure individual waypoint actions

    Retrieve and view previous missions logs

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Simplified Mission Planning
Preassigned Role-Based Access

Preassigned Role-Based Access

Set viewer permissions to provide stakeholders with access to drone missions and live feed. Track your drone and its vitals during operations. No additional installations required.

  • Trigger open/close & charging actions remotely

    Share collected data with guests and SMEs

    Detect and monitor objects of interest

    Switch controls between onsite and remote operators

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Success Stories

FlytBase has been working closely with its customers to help build professional automated drone solutions, tightly integrated with their business, better and faster. Learn more about how our customers are leveraging FlytNow Live to scale and drive growth.

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drones for monitoring runways


DR ONE is utilizing FlytNow Live to deploy drones for monitoring runways, hangars, and airports remotely.

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tele-inspection of a construction site


Droneverkstedet conducted the very first tele-inspection of a construction site with the FlytNow solution over Telia’s new 5G network.

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 FlytNow’s live-streaming


Dronelab leveraged FlytNow’s live-streaming feature to help the Indian police force monitor Covid-19 lockdowns.

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Getting Started

Begin Your Remote Operations in 4 Easy Steps

Download FlytNow for Mobile

1. Install FlytNow Mobile

Download the app from Play Store

Remote Control with phone attached

2. Connect drone RC with your phone

Read our get started guide for directions

FlytNow Login Tab

3. Login to FlytNow web

Login to FlytNow Hub and add your drone

Live Stream button

4. Stream live drone video from anywhere

Conduct missions & share drone feed

Sign up for 7-day free FlytNow trial

Stream live data from your drone and make
well-informed decisions

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