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Remotely conduct autonomous drone operations 24x7 by deploying the all-new DJI Dock for your specific use case regardless of the location or weather.

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DJI, a global leader in the drone industry, focuses on transforming complex technology into easy-to-use devices. Their products combine cutting-edge technology with innovative designs. From filmmaking to monitoring extensive agricultural fields, DJI drones capture high-quality professional imagery and video. The modular design of the DJI dock simplifies maintenance and is packed with highly integrated hardware improving the docking station functionality.
DJI Dock

DJI Dock

A rugged and reliable drone charging station with a total charging time of just 25 minutes, the DJI docking station is designed to conduct operations 24x 7 in all weather conditions whether stormy or extremely sunny as it supports active temperature control for fast charging and drone safety.

Compatible Drones:

Matrice 30T

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DJI Dock Features



One of the first vehicle-mountable pick-up truck drone charging stations to enable mobility for automated deployments.
compatible with – Hextronics Global Advanced & Hextronics Atlas 300.

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Conduct fully autonomous drone operations using solutions with minimal human intervention.

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Drone in a box Solution

Drone & Docking Station Control

Conduct fully autonomous drone operations using drone-in-a-box solutions with minimal human intervention.

Docking station Control

Advanced Video Management

View live video feeds from multiple drones and docking stations on a single dashboard. Share with team members & stakeholders in real-time.

Video Management Dashboard

Mission Management

Plan a simple waypoint, grid, or corridor mission to acquire drone data, or send the drone to a specific location for emergency response.

Mission Management

Custom No-Fly-Zones (NFZ)

Upload or create personalized no-fly zones to prevent drones from entering a defined space, or geofences to stop drones from exiting one.

No fly Zone

OTA Updates

Receive automatic updates on new software releases, drones & docking stations without having to be physically present on site.

OTA Updates

Third-party Integrations

Access third-party integration such as UTMs, intrusion detection sensors, VMS, DAS, Dronelogbook, weather stations among others.

FlytNow Third Party Integrations

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DSPs’ Guide to
Drone-in-a-Box Systems

Are you a Drone Solution Provider(DSP) looking to deploy drone docks at your customer’s site but don’t know where to begin?

Featuring case studies from over six drone solution providers who are leading by example, this ebook will serve as a playbook for your journey toward full autonomy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

DJI dock is a drone docking station that charges the drone batteries automatically, controls the landing and takeoff of the drones, and is used to conduct autonomous drone operations for use cases such as security, monitoring, and inspection.

The DJI Dock supports Matrice 30 (Dock Version) and M30T (Dock Version)

The M30 series (Dock version) includes two versions: the M30 (Dock version) whose gimbal and camera have three sensors: a wide-angle camera, zoom camera and laser range finder and the M30T (Dock version) whose gimbal and camera have four sensors a wide-angle camera, zoom camera, laser range finder, and thermal imaging camera.

Yes, DJI Dock and Matrice 30 Enterprise Drone are supported by FlytNow.

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Conduct autonomous missions for security, site monitoring, and asset inspection with access to FlytNow and DJI Dock.

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