Drone-based Monitoring System for Construction Projects

Deploy drone fleets on routine missions to capture video data in real-time. Automate data collection for tracking the progress of your construction or mining projects.

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Drone Based Monitoring in Construction Field

Why use FlytNow for Progress Tracking?

Manual operations can be dangerous, expensive, and time consuming. FlytNow leverages drones to autonomously collect and store critical project data, monitor and safeguard assets, and instantly respond to emergencies.


A bird’s eye view of your site.

Perimeter Patrolling

Prevent disruptions to your workflow. Monitor the premises for intruders and enable automatic triggering of alarm systems during incidents.

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Perimeter guarding

Change Detection

Map the entire lifecycle of assets to gain insights, clearly define project milestones, and stay abreast of changes and developments over time.

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Progress Reporting Dashboard

Equipment Monitoring

Automate the routine monitoring of onsite machinery to prevent theft & vandalism. Expedite the detection of malfunctions & cracks, even at night.

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Construction Field Equipment Monitoring

Progress Reporting

Capture data and compare against project plans to identify delays and assess progress. Store evidence for legal and compliance purposes.

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Progress Monitoring

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Mission Management

Plan a simple waypoint, grid, or corridor mission to acquire drone data, or send the drone to a specific location for emergency response.

Mission Management Data


Trigger failsafe mechanisms automatically to aid in safe, controlled emergency landings in situations such as when the drone battery is critically low, RC link loss, or LTE link loss.

Failsafes Checklist

Advanced Video Management

View live video feeds from multiple drones and docking stations on a single dashboard. Share with team members & stakeholders in real-time.

Multi Camera feed

Parachute Integration

In the unlikely event that the system fails, FlytNow integrates with an autonomous parachute system, allowing it to open automatically and the drone to land safely.

Parachute Integration Status

Trusted by drone industry leaders worldwide

Not only is it safer for us to not have to climb scaffolding on the construction site, it is also possible to ensure that those who work on the construction site on a daily basis are well enough secure

Jørn Howlid,
CEO @ Drone AS

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Jorn Howild

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FlytNow Auto

Conduct operations with docking station

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FlytNow Live

Conduct operations with remote pilots

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