FlytNow Tutorial for Virtual Drone

By Baisali

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A virtual drone, as the name suggests, is a drone instance that lets you simulate everything a drone can do in a safe and secure way. You can connect a virtual drone with FlytNow and test the product without having a real drone. Creating a virtual drone requires access to the FlytBase cloud.

How to Create a Virtual Drone

Step 1: Go to

flytbase cloud

Create an account using your email ID.

flytbase cloud sign up

Step 2: Once you have submitted your credentials, the system will ask you to verify your email address. Check your email and click on the verification link.

Step 3: Once you confirm your email address, log in to the account using your credentials. You will be taken to the dashboard.

create a virtual drone in flytbase

Step 4: Activate your cloud API subscription. Click on Cloud option from the right side menu

registering for FlytCloud API

You will be asked to fill up a request form. Fill the form and submit, and you will be granted beta access.Step 5: Click on My Devices. You will see a button to add a virtual device.

free virtual drone with FlytBase cloud

Step 6: Click on add Virtual Device. A virtual drone will be added to your My Device section.

starting a virtual drone in FlytBase

Step 7: Under Options, click on the play button to start the drone. Now click on the rocket icon next to the play button. In a new window, you will be asked to generate an access token.

fetching access token of a virtual drone

Step 8: Click on Take me there.

access settings of a virtual drone

Step 9: In the new page, click on the Generate access token button.Step 10: On the next page, toggle the Access Status to on.

access status of a virtual drone

Adding Virtual Drone to FlytNow

Option 1: Log in to with your FlytBase credentials.You will be asked to agree to our terms and conditions. In the Select a drone to Add window, you will see the virtual drone; here you can add the drone.

adding virtual drone to FlytNow

Option 2: You can also add the drone from the FlytNow dashboard if you decide to skip the window.In the dashboard, click on Add Drone under FLY. There you will see your virtual drone.

other method to add a virtual drone in FlytNow

Option 3: You can also add a virtual drone using its vehicle ID and access token if you select Manual from the Add Drone dialog box. You can get the vehicle ID and access token from your FlytBase account.

adding a virtual drone using access token


In this blog, we learned how to enable a virtual drone and add it to the FlytNow platform. To get started with FlytNow, sign up for our 28 days free trial: Or contact us at

Baisali Gosh


Having 5+ years of experience in the niche aerospace and drone/UAV industry, combined with technical proficiency grounded on a practised role as a Geospatial Analyst and a master’s degree focused in GIS and Remote Sensing.