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Bringing Drone-in-a-Box to the Masses

While DiaB systems hold immense potential, their adoption today is very limited owing to their complexity and prohibitive cost. FlytNow is on a mission to change this.

FlytNow helps convert almost any popular off-the-shelf drone, coupled with one of the many reliable, low-cost docking stations, into a full-fledged DiaB system. This modular design allows drone service providers (DSPs) to cater to a wide range of end-user requirements and deploy DiaB systems at scale.

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more efficient than
manual drone operations

the price of traditional
DiaB systems

DJI Drone-in-a-box

Meet FlytNow. The Complete DiaB Automation Software.

Conduct repeatable drone operations with nearly zero human intervention. Preplan missions or execute them on demand. Control and manage a hybrid & distributed fleet of drones and docking stations – different makes and models located in different regions – all from a single cloud-connected dashboard.

Built-in safety checks and workflows ensure that every mission is executed as expected. Our precision-landing algorithm ensures that the drone lands exactly on the docking-station, every time.Your entire DiaB system in a simple, intuitive, turnkey package.

Explore FlytNow Auto
Drone in a box Automation

How It Works

Drone-in-a-box systems can help secure your construction site, power plants, or large facilities. Simply deploy them at your premises & operate them remotely over the cloud – from your local ops center or anywhere else in the world. Share live data with your field operators for real-time situational awareness.

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how drone in a box automation works

Wide Interoperability

Hybrid fleet management

Off-the-shelf or custom-built drones, FlytNow supports them all. Deploy the UAVs best suited for your business, be it construction, agriculture, security services, or mining, and based on your application, be it inspection or progress tracking.

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FlytNow Supported Services
flytnow supported drones

Agile workflow automation

Equip your docking station with FlytNow to enable your drones to operate autonomously. Control the box and trigger charging actions remotely. Get live telemetry and status updates of your box at all times.

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flytnow supported drone docks
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Powerful third-party apps

Expand the possibilities of FlytNow with our wide range of video & traffic management integrations. Get the most out of your mission & drone data by leveraging our allied applications to elevate your drone business.

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FlytNow Supported 3rd Party Applications

Trusted by drone industry leaders worldwide

See why leading drone service providers partner with FlytNow to automate their operations.

FlytBase has the optimal solution for our demanding drone-in-a-box requirements by providing our customer with an easy Human Machine Interface (HMI) for fast & secure deployments.

Torbjorn Boe

Torbjørn Bøe
Development Manager

The partnership with FlytBase empowers our users to access real-time video feed over the cloud and even control them remotely - with the intent of 24x7 security

Tariq Nasraldeen

Tariq Nasraldeen
Founder & CEO

FlytNow enables [us] to remotely view live HD & thermal video feed from the drone’s camera over 4G/LTE which helps teams make informed decisions and improve operational efficiency during an incident response.

Torbjørn Bøe

Nicolas Ackermann,
Development Engineer

A very intuitive, user-friendly and an aesthetically unique UI is what attracted us initially to FlytNow. A high-level software stack, extreme versatility and possibilities of customization is what made us validate the choice.

Elia Ray Salem

Elia Ray Salem
Project Manager, DroneBase Srl

The FlytNow Advantage


Compatible with the drone & docking station hardware of your choice, FlytNow allows you to seamlessly automate your complete workflow.

Designed to

Users have the flexibility to add unlimited drones & nests and monitor them remotely over 4G/5G from anywhere in the world.

Safe &

Automatically trigger multiple advanced failsafes in the event of low battery, RC-link loss, internet disconnection, or GPS-signal loss.


The FlytNow platform is secured by token-based authentication and end-to-end encryption to ensure safe access and use.

FlytNow Resources

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Industry best practices for your drone operations from our inhouse team and partner network. Live and on-demand.

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A comprehensive user guide on everything you need to know about deploying your autonomous drone program.

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A global virtual conference bringing together the community of drone industry experts and drone users with a focus on drone autonomy.

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An online show dedicated to unveiling some of the most cutting-edge products in the drone automation space.

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